YAHOO! I made it on time to Week #2 of my new unnamed show. I am AWESOME at starting new personal projects. Staying consistent with them? Still a challenge. Yah, it’s just the 2nd one - and it’s another brick laid on top of last week’s, which is building up my new house of this creative venture. I told myself I would be putting out NEW choreography plus a little shooting the breeze about vulnerability every week. I may be one day late, but I still consider this to fall into the every-week span. YES (with fist pump pulling in). It’s been really fun, trying out new filming techniques, exploring more creativity and sharing more of myself with the world. It actually feels quite liberating. 

This week’s piece is a hot little number. Last week was a little emo-intense, this one is flirty fun. I heard this song at a lounge, shazam’d that puppy and knew I had to dance to it.  I have no shame with shazam. I’ll hold that phone up like a lighter at a rock concert in any setting. Restaurant, clothing store, doctor’s office- It’s worth it. 

This week I mention a quote I heard from one of my favorite favorite speakers/authors, Brene Brown. The quote is (along the lines of) “People on the sidelines are waiting to see you fail, so that it justifies the mediocre choices they’ve made in their own lives”. Ok. This quote BLEW MY FREAKIN’ MIND. Think about it for a second. It totally changes the perspective when you are taking in judgement from the outside bystanders. I interpreted this as, the people that are on the outskirts of the arena, don’t have enough courage to jump in. So they are anticipating a fall from you, so that it makes them feel okay with the safe/less desirable choices for their own lives. WTF. I think that is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. YET, it offers a lot of eye-opening juicy perspective. Now, when I feel judged, negatively criticized, hateration, etc. it actually UPLIFTS me, because if I’m being judged, that means I’m taking a risk. That means I’m doing something that others are waiting to see me fail at. Why would they be interested in seeing me fail? Why would it concern them SO MUCH? Well, now we know the answer. On top of that, I want to fail. A lot. I’d prefer a thousand failures over 2 successes. Then I know I worked perilously towards something I care deeply for, and now have the experience, knowledge and tools to be better, stronger and smarter. 

Now, can YOU think about the last time you felt judged from a non-loving place? When you apply the above perspective, does it change the way you feel? Does it empower you to know YOU are the one taking a courageous risk versus staying safe on the sidelines? I’d LOOOVE to hear from you. Let’s start a conversation to empower our fellow artistic community. Let your voice be heard in the comments!  

Thank you so much for watching. This is episode TWO. 

Love, Janet (and Sushi)