It’s WEEK 3! What the?! This is very exciting. I gotta say - starting something, and staying consistent with it even just for 3 rounds feels pretty damn incredible. it has created artistic momentum within me, which in turn has built a new layer of confidence. It seems as though the theory of: action + consistency = momentum... which builds confidence, which when compounded brings feelings of massively focused productivity, is scientifically working. The data is proving it. 

This week's piece is totally different than the last two - I'm getting back to my Hip-Hop side. I love this song and I love what it's about. :D 

So, Paralysis through Analysis. My bf taught me this term, and it haunts me quite often. Have you ever felt this way? Where you are analyzing the sh!t out of something, and you... 



S T U C K.

in this whirlwind of never-ending rationalizations that are doing nothing but halting your creative process and making yourself feel awful?  The funny thing about this predicament, is that we THINK we are being productive because we are considering all the outcomes of of a situation. We are comparing and contrasting every single thing that can or cannot happen, weighing in, weighing out, the whole nine. So our brain is telling us that this is necessary, because how terrible it will be if we make the WRONG DECISION. Oh how dare you, make the wrong decision! It will ruin your life! It will ruin all chances of happiness and you are going to suck in everything forever. 

All of this is bullish*t. Making A DECISION, no matter what it is, is the best thing you can do to propel yourself forward into action. So what if you’re wrong? Then at least you have something to fix. THIS IS AWESOME. You learned something, and now you are smarter, stronger and will know how to improve the next time around.  If you make NO decision, you’re in the same stale, paralyzing place you are lamenting about.  I always thought that I needed to take very large, luxurious, fancy steps to get anywhere near my goals. I love that I was so wrong. 

If there is something you want, that's been lurking in your soul- do yourself a favor and make a simple decision to take a small action towards that goal. It will be so liberating. Share what that small step is in the comments, let's get some accountability going! 

Thank you so much for watching. This is episode THREE. 

Love, Janet (and Sushi)