More than a pageant...

I'm back home after an eventful, emotional and really fun two weeks. It's a trip when two weeks ago feels like two months because of the long days and experiencing so many moments. Being a part of Miss Universe/Miss USA as an assistant choreographer is so much more than "working a pageant" for me.  Each show, I learn more and more about the fast-paced tv production world and I love all of it. This is one of my favorite gigs to be a part of, as each show brings variety and new challenges with the different guest artists, set design, stage layouts, wardrobe, themes, host cities, new ideas, new girls, people from all over the world, different languages, and more. Pageants were never my thing, and the concept of them still brings up controversial thoughts in my head. Yet amongst the pageant canvas, I have the opportunity to choreograph, create, collaborate, mess up, learn, grow and use my geek-ness with numbers.

Above all I get to be amongst an amazing group of people of whom I’m constantly pushed and educated by. Moreover, having been a part of this tight choreography team is what I cherished most. Thank you to Stephani Kammer for continuing to believe in me and for challenging me like no other. You helped make a huge shift in my belief system on this trip and I will honor that forever. Thank you to Liz Ramos for being an incredible compadre. So fun, so inspiring with a beautiful energy and I feel like we were meant to connect.  Thank you Lu Sierra for the laughs, the wisdom and always keeping my game in check. Thank you
Rob Sellers for being a great captain of the ship. I greatly admire your work ethic and leadership. Thank you to the Miami dancers who worked so hard in a very short amount of time.  It was such a treat to have Kevin Maher and the LA dancers there as well.  Thank you to the entire Miss Universe staff and crew for this opportunity once again. To some, I know this is just another gig. I’m not ashamed to say that this particular gig, this time around - gave me a new lens to see things through. For that, I am grateful. 

Lisa Vanderpump

The MAN - Manny PACMAN Pacquiao

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