We’ve known and worked with Janet now for almost a decade and believe her passion for dance is unbound. Because of her excellent foundation, her choreography is unique and innovative. Janet’s diversity makes her a great educator of dance because she is able to teach so many different styles and all levels.
— Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo, Emmy-Award Winning Directors/Exec Producers, SYTYCD, Cirque Du Soleil, Jennifer Lopez...
I danced and coordinated with Janet on Funkanometry Dance Company, LA. Janet is on-the-ball creative and inspirational. Her positive spirit was always what kept our company members and our clientele coming back for more. She always gave that extra encouragement when it came to push and shove. She’s a warm-hearted person who is an incredible choreographer, dancer, instructor, and an AMAZING performer.

I never had any type of technique as a studio dancer would, but Janet was always there to help me and instruct me on how to do moves properly. Looking back, I learned so much from her when it came to dance. Thank you Janet for all you’ve done and keep on doing what you do!
— Clara Abadilla-Navarrete, Funkanometry Dance Company, Original Member and Administrative Executive
Working with Janet was one of the most positive and special experiences we have had at our studio. Her choreography was unique and presented our students with variety of style and difficulty. More importantly, she filled them with love and inspiration! Janet’s diverse background allows her to offer students a fun, encouraging experience that is packed with knowledge. She is a true professional with a kind, warm and beautiful energy
— Tamra Nefzger - Dance Unlimited, Boise, ID
Janet is an amazing, passionate, creative and fearless dancer. Not only is she a beautiful dancer and teacher but she is an encouraging force that students will respond to and grow from, leaps and bounds.
— Lady Jules, The Beat Freaks and star of feature film, "B-GIRL"
Janet Langer is a joy to work with. She gets along well with everybody, comes to the gig with tons of enthusiasm and produces superior work. She has a zest for life that shows up in her work. Everybody always enjoys working with her and is pleased with the outcome.
— Sue Drew, Vice President Membership, Pop/Rock at ASCAP
Janet is a major strength to the dance community. Bringing versatility, knowledge and experience into everything she does, Janet is undoubtedly somebody to learn from!
— Kevin Maher, Choreographer/Director for NKOTB, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Big Time Rush
Janet Langer is a true definition of versatility! She is very educated in dance and knows how to educate others. She is a jack of all trades, dancing/choreography/teaching/directing, a true visionary.
— Phi Nguyen, The Jabbawockeez
Janet is an amazing dancer full of passion! Not only does she contribute a lot for the dance community, she works so hard for what she does! I was so lucky to have her as one of my dancers for my show!
— Rino Nakasone, The Beat Freaks, Harajuku Girls, Girls Generation
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If I could compare Janet to anything it would be lightening. Very calm and collected, but once freed or released she becomes a burst of energy, passion, and electricity - full of life, love, and fire.
— Lyndell Higgens, Student