I started training in Pole in June of 2017. I am loving the new expression and the vast vocabulary it's adding to my choreography. It's challenging, painful, addicting and empowering. 

This Saturday will be my 5-month Pole Anniversary. I’ve been training consistently on average 3x a week, with the exception of 3 weeks in the Summer when I was traveling and simultaneously injured. The left-brained geek in me loves the science of observing the results from my training. The good practices and the shitty ones are all part of it. I love that this process has has given me measurable achievement, and is an example that any desired goal, when given constant effort, WILL improve.


My training is so important to me because I feel that it emulates life on so many levels.  I don't compete, but I do have a deep passion for training in martial arts and all the benefits that come along with it.  There is so much more to kickboxing than just making contact. So much strategy, instinct conditioning, and evaluation is involved. I love it and I'm grateful for having such gifted instructors.