E L E C T R I C . S T R O N G . C U R I O U S.
Creative. Multi-Passionate. Shy. Excited. Colorful.
Geeky. Hyper. Smart. Strange. Antsy. Impatient.
Random. Attention - Deficit. Lover. Dreamer.
Adventure Craver. Traveler.
Overwhelmingly Curious about the World.

As an awkward but wide-eyed 10-year old, I used to glue my eyes to Paula Abdul VHS's so I could then teach the moves to my friends as the only way to enter the fan club held weekly in my garage. (I think we had two members- total)  I'm a rare breed  - an actual Los Angeles native. (We exist?) Well, I grew up in Diamond Bar- but close enough. (Yes, near Raging Waters) I started dancing when I was four. My Mom put me in dance class with the rec center, but at my first recital I was picking up everyone's fallen sequins instead of staying with the group... 

Dance is my first love. 

I knew this when I was choreographing lyrical combos in my bedroom to Peter Cetera, and practicing fuetes for hours every day until I got them right on my dirty garage floor with my pink Casio boombox. I would roll around dancing on that greasy floor with the garage just slightly open because I secretly liked when the neighbors would watch me practice. I did ballet barre holding on to the broken freezer door. I performed in talent shows on family vacation cruise ships to show off and I didn't go to my senior prom because I had a competition. (Or maybe I didn't have a date - I know it was one of the two....) Choreography came natural to me. When I listen to music my brain just visualizes steps. Being an only child, I had to entertain myself. I'd put a record on my record player and teach a dance class to imaginary people. When I was younger my Mom would get embarrassed because I'd be doing piques in the grocery store aisles (those floors are just so perfect for turning). 

Janet is trained in...

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Character, Musical Theatre, Breaking and Street Styles. Today her choreographic style can be described as “Hip-Hop grooves with a rock edge, influenced by nuances of contemporary" She believe that it’s essential for work and class to be FUN and strives to create a connected experience versus a collection of steps. 

She has been choreographing and teaching for 20 years and some of her credits include: 

Jennifer Lopez, Jacky Cheung, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Big Time Rush, Prince Royce, Nelly, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CBS’s The Talk, Miss Universe featuring Lady Gaga, Panic at the Disco, Stephen Tyler, Nick Jonas and Gavin Degraw, Miss USA feat. Florida Georgia Line, Marc Broussard and Camila, The Beach Girl 5, Miley Cyrus, Vanson Productions, China Idol: "Supergirl", The Groovaloo Stage Show and Nike. She has worked with Dance Studios and Universities nationally and internationally, connecting with students in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, London, Spain and Portugal including Broadway Dance Center Tokyo, The Edge and Debbie Reynolds in Los Angeles.

Janet is most well-known for her entertaining way of connecting with people, her balance of professionalism and fun, and leaving an inspirational mark everywhere she teaches.  Other creative outlets that she's involved with that contribute to her artistic style are: Martial Arts, Fight Choreography, Photography, Sound Design, Editing, Film Production, Comedy, Improv and Acting. 

In spare time...

(or anytime really) She loves (loved) annoying her chihuahua named Sushi (RIP our Angel as of 4/6/17), rocking out at concerts, comedy shows, exploring things off the beaten path, getting lost in new cities, studying branding techniques, hotels, reading, cooking, grocery stores, DIY home decor, camping, glamping, geeking out on the latest technology, teaching herself new skills and writing catchy commercial jingles with her boyfriend on car rides, that are actually quite awesome (the jingles and the car rides). 


A deeper look...

Through the years I trained at neighborhood studios and competed in Jazz, Tap and Ballet. Hip-Hop didn't enter my life until High School.  I remember thinking to myself - "I think Hip-Hop just means you dance really, really full out".  Seeing my spazzmatic approach on those dance concert VHSs showed me that was very, very wrong. 

I went to college at the University of California, Irvine (ZOT!) and made it through try-outs to the esteemed Hip-Hop crew, Kaba Modern. I don't know how I got in, since I tried out in jazz pants, jazz shoes, and did fouetes in my freestyle. Thank God they took a chance on this not-so-funky-at-the-time white girl. I accredit my street-style foundation to my beloved years with this group, as well as simply growing up in the 90s. (No one can rock New Jack like we can - just sayin) I started incorporating thrashy jazz routines into our sets, which became some of our iconic pieces, of which I'm very honored to say. 

I am a proud UCI graduate with a BA in Psychology and Social Behavior. I took a ton of dance classes in college, but didn't think I needed a dance degree to succeed. I also just really liked Psychology. (I told you, I'm a little crazy) I also took classes like Native American Religions and Japanese Ghosts just for fun. 

After graduating, I created and founded the dance company, Funkanometry. Funkanometry was the first group of it's kind to bring the professionalism and caliber of LA choreographers to a positive, family-based community dance atmosphere. We tore it up during the glory days. We broke barriers, created trends and set a new precedent. Funkanometry was and will always be my baby. I love it with all my heart and it has given me business and life tools that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. 

Fast forward to now - I moved from a couple post-college years in Irvine to Los Angeles and have been here ever since. The City of Angels is my HOME. Traffic, smog, wannabes and all. I have been pursuing a career in Entertainment and will do so until the day I die. I am constantly evolving and believe that "taking the roads less traveled doesn't mean you won’t reach your destination. It just means you’ll have a more compelling story once you get there."

Thank you so much for joining me here.